This blog is maintained by a small group of pet lovers from YourPetName.com, a place to generate pet names for your new pet! Below is a brief overview of what our pet name generator tool does, and the point of our pet blog.

Pet Name Generator

The idea is simple, you just click the big button in the middle of the page and it will generate a random name from our library of names. If you keep clicking the generate button, it will of course keep generating more names. The best part is that you never have to leave the homepage when generating names. We wanted to keep it really simple, straight-forward and clutter-free.

We frequently add more pet names on a regular basis, to ensure an abundance of naming ideas. Here is just a few types of pets that our pet name generator is perfect for:

  • Cats / Kittens
  • Dogs / Puppies
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Fish
  • Lizards
  • Birds
  • and more!

So if you ever get a new pet, you can come back for more pet name ideas. You can use the pet name generator tool over at http://YourPetName.com, works great on mobile devices too.

Pet Blog

As you’ve noticed, we also have a pet blog here at WordPress.com. This is a place where our small team of pet lovers will blog about many aspects of being a pet owner quite frankly, pets in general.

One thing we do want to make note of is that you will never see ‘sad’ pet material on our blog or website. We understand there are a lot of animals who live horrible lives, and a lot of great pet blogs out there tend to show sad pictures and content at times trying to expose these cruelties unleashed by humans. But Anything you see on our blog will always be ‘happy’ news, pictures and articles. So you don’t need to worry about your day getting ruined :).


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